STERiGLIDE® is a single-use cannula intended
for use with a syringe to inject a pharmaceutical
product for injection
or drain a fluid on the
targeted area.

Dome shaped tip design

Smooth blunt needle insertion
Reduces the risk of internal bleeding

Thanks to the dome shaped tip developed with our
unique technology, the needle insertion is smooth
and with little resistance.

Unique surface coating technology

his technology allows for smoother insertion into the
skin tissue, less discomfort for the patient and
it also makes the cannula easier to handle.

Side hole positioned
close to the tip

Ease of approach to the
injection point

STERiGLIDE®'s side hole is positioned close to the tip of the device to help
the practitioner get to the desired injection point. This allows the practitioner
to control the amount and depth of fluid injected.

Marking of the needle hub

The needle hub of the STERiGLIDE® is marked to
indicate the direction of the hole for injection
of the pharmaceutical product.
The angle of injection can be checked visually.