TSK Laboratory,Japan Basic Compliance Policy

Since its founding in 1974, TSK Laboratory,Japan has been providing a stable supply of necessary products in response to trends in the medical field in various countries, based on the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the international community by providing the highest quality medical equipment."

We established the following basic compliance policy to ensure that all of our directors and employees are fully compliant with this management philosophy and to continue our corporate activities as a company rooted in the local community.

  • 1. Mission
    With a strong awareness of our social responsibility and public mission, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations, social norms, and internal rules and act under our corporate philosophy.
  • 2. Prevention of conflicts of interest
    If profits and compliance conflict, we will choose compliance without hesitation.
  • 3. Fair and equitable competition
    We will never engage in transactions that take advantage of our dominant bargaining position, and we will contribute to the sound development of the social economy by engaging in free and healthy competition with other companies in the same industry.
  • 4. Protection of intellectual property
    We will make active use of our intellectual property and strive to protect our intellectual property rights. We will also respect intellectual property rights owned by others and will not use them without permission.
  • 5. Protection of information
    We will use confidential internal and external information and personal information obtained through our business activities only for business purposes and will strictly manage such information under relevant laws and regulations and internal rules.
  • 6. Relationship with the community
    We will not engage in any illegal or antisocial activities and strive to act sensibly as a company rooted in the community.。
  • 7. Attitude against antisocial forces
    We will take a resolute attitude against antisocial forces and will not have any relationship with them.
  • 8. Respect for human rights
    We will never discriminate based on gender, nationality, creed, religion, etc., and respect the individuality and diversity of each employee.
  • 9. Creation of a comfortable work environment
    We will comply with labor-related laws and regulations, prevent harassment, and maintain a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • 10. Education
    We will establish a compliance system for all directors and employees and promote compliance activities, including education.