The bone marrow biopsy needle SURELOCK
is a single-use needle used to
collect cells and tissue for the purpose of examination,
treatment, or diagnosis. 

Reducing the burden on patients and practitioners

By using a special pipe which is unique to TSK, SURELOCK has improved tissue
collection compared to conventional bone marrow biopsy methods.
Since there is no need to move the needle from side to side
and back and forth inside the body, the wound is minimized and the burden on the patient and practitioner is reduced.

Marked with outer needle depth indicators

The markers allow visual confirmation of the insertion depth.

Visual confirmation of tissue volume

With the aid of the supplied stick(pink), the approximate amount of tissue taken up by the outer needle during the procedure can be determined.

Bone marrow aspiration is also possible

The SURELOCK handle can be fitted directly to a syringe for the collection of bone marrow fluid.