The Automatic biopsy needle ACECUT is a single-use sterilized biopsy
needle that is used to insert into the human body to collect soft tissue
for the purpose of examination, treatment, or diagnosis. 

Individual firing of both the inner and outer needles

Our biopsy needle is equipped with a function that can individually fire the inner and outer needles at a timing suitable for the practitioner’s procedure.

Equipped with a sampling lever

Simply pull the sampling lever down to the open position to easily expose the tissue sampling area with one hand.

Available in 3 types of penetration depths

In addition to supplying both 11mm and 22mm, we released the size of 16mm much to the acceptance of doctors that had demanded the need.

Strong firing power

The advantage of using 2 hands is that we are able to increase the spring strength allowing the device to fire faster and improve the collection of tissue. (the spring is built within the product)