[2nd Edition]Request for use of TSK STERiJECT LDS for new corona vaccination


We have updated the QR code of “Request for use” for our product [TSK STERiJECT LDS].

At the same time, we will distribute the video of “How to use TSK STERiJECT LDS [2nd Edition]”.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the inquiry form.


[Products covered]

Device 74 Pharmaceutical injector

Needle for single-use injections (JMDN code: 30889000)

TSK STERiJECT LDS (Item code: LDS-25025T)


[NEW] Click here for a new QR code version of “Directions for use”.

[NEW] “Instructions for use of TSK STERiJECT LDS [Version 2]”

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